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About Andrea

Educated in New York City, Andrea has designed internationally for more than
25 years.

Andrea has been featured in several publications including FLARE and LUXURY Magazines, and THE TORONTO STAR. She also appeared on television including a series for VISION, speaking on her design process.

An Italian "originale", Andrea's passion for design is evident in her fearlessness to create outside of the box, be an innovator, break the prescribed design rules, and combine unusual elements while still embracing a sensual harmony.
andrea carini

Andrea's background as a theatrical designer for film and television, gives her the experience to express a "design chameleon" sensibility. She believes in design without ego.

She is an intense listener with a positive perspective, a problem solver, with a hands-on work style, and possesses a great sense of humor and a contagious smile. Andrea has been referred to by some, as "The Design Fairy Godmother", with a little bit of Gina Lollobrigida, a little bit of Ellen Degeneres, and a lot of Talent mixed in!