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Color & Chakras

"Color is reflected light... Each color that makes up the light spectrum actually vibrates at a different speed... Color and light are energy."

After years of research on the physical, mental, and emotional effects of color, and it's practical application in design(and manipulations), Andrea made an interesting discovery.

She found a fascinating connection between the ancient Indian Chakra system and color - a direct effect on every aspect of a person based on their own blueprint of their own Chakra system.

The Chakra system is a system of seven main energy centers or vortexes in the body, that each correlate to major nerve ganglia branching from the spinal column. They also govern other physical areas of the body including the organ and lymphatic system, and a different emotional and psychological quality, or experience. Each energy center, or Chakra has a color associated with it. And there is a belief that each Chakra also pertains to a unique spiritual teaching, and developmental stages of life.

Andrea's Chakra Blueprint™ illustrates and highlights which Chakras are weak, neutral, or strong, and gives information on the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of that person. Since each Chakra has a color associated with it, the chart also indicates which particular colors, or color families are better suited than others. The colors assigned become a color prescription or a personal palette. Andrea's method of creating this blueprint is her trade secret.

For those interested in a "deeper" approach to the design of their homes, start first with the Chakra Blueprint™ to look at your "interior," as a foundation for the design of your home interior.

Andrea and her whole-istic approach to color have been featured in magazines, and television.

To order your Chakra Blueprint™, CH-1 Assessment™, please email.

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