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Design Details
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Custom Furniture

Custom Wall & Storage Units
A brilliant space saver, functional organizer, a thing of beauty, a storage place, a declutter-er... the Wall & Storage Unit is our friend. If I could, I would design and build one in every room!

Who said ceilings have to be white? A white ceiling could have Michaelangelo turning over in his grave!

Get brave, take a big step and make your ceiling a point of design interest. Things are looking up and so will you. Here are some ideas:

1.) Paint your ceiling a contrasting color
2.) Create a faux painted mural or sky
3.) Use decorative wood moldings to create a geometric design, then paint as a work of art
4.) Use texture with color
5.) Use metallics to add sheen
6.) Use textured wallpapers or faux tin tile
7.) Mix up different techniques and products to create your own design!

Floors can be a delightful point of interest, in the design of any space. Whether it be an elaborate design using tile, mosaic, wood, or green material, or a discreet and simple design, a great floor idea can enhance the feeling of your room. You can also create the illusion of more space by the design and positioning of your tile or wood. Additionally, you can create light with various types of verathane finishes on your wood. Here are a few simple examples of floor ideas:

Cool Stuff

"An Artist's Inspiration is a Gift of Pure Energy" -- Andrea Carini
"The most spiritually powerful act a person can undertake is to create" -- Christopher Day

Whether it be your own creation or an inspiration from another artist, Art is vital to a healthy, happy environment. Should you collect paintings, sculpture, photography, mixed media, posters or all of the above, it is important to appreciate and understand Art’s value in your life.

Art moves us, inspires us, connects us to our emotions. Surround yourself with Art that makes you feel the way you want to feel. Use it as a positive visual stimulant, an affirmation to support your emotional and spiritual needs. Make your own Art, or purchase some and support other artists. Understand the importance and energy of Art—it really works!