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House & Home: Room Makeover Contest

May 16, 2003

The Bedroom. The most important room in the home. A place to recharge and replenish our energy. A place to rest our minds, soothe our bodies and fill our soul. Get away from the outside world and connect with another.

Enter our contest winners, Jane and Lloyd, a young couple with a beautiful baby, and a small home in Bloor West Village that is eclectic, contemporary, colourful and fun. Their bedroom - well, that's our story.

At our first meeting, in keeping with my process at Your Sacred Space Interiors, I presented them with their personal energy blueprint charts. Once explained, this information was then interpreted into a colour prescription that would harmonize and balance them both. This new colour palette would help to balance the energy in their room and support their individual energy patterns.


Next, Jane and Lloyd gave me their wish list - a long one! They told me of a Bed & Breakfast they has stayed at that had an Egyptian inspired room, which they both loved. They wanted their own. And they had a silver and gold mirror that they wanted to use in the bedroom. Hmmm. Egyptian. This will be fun.

They showed me the room. No lighting. Wood trim and doors - two different colours. Furniture from Lloyd's childhood. A small space with low ceilings and an iron poster bed taking up much of the room. Oh, and my pet peeve, a large T.V. on the dresser that needed to go away. Old plaster wall (post King Tut), held together by layers of wallpaper. How many years did it take to build the pyramids and what was the size of the budget. So, we had work to do.

The Design Overview had a few details. Just, get electrical done, put in an overhead light and switch, chose one wood colour and stain the rest to match. To lift the ceiling, add crown moulding and a ceiling faux treatment, with reflective silver qualities to bring in light. Raise the curtain rod to enhance the sense of height. Replace existing bed with a cool headboard and mattress on a simple frame. Add beautiful bedding and new furniture, including an armoire to house T.V. and drawers for clothing.

Call in the forces! Lloyd's Mom and Dad, Dave and Alwyn arrive for duty.

Lloyd and Dad accomplish electrical and wood staining. A great start.

Meanwhile, I get the paint supplies and faux art supplies from West Toronto Paints - thet have a complete selection. I special order silver glaze and buy out much of their gold and silver gilding liquid. A helpful staff and a big thank you to Brad.

Then I decide to create an Egyptian inspired custom colour, with my colourist Zak Ary. We came up with a beautiful blue cast green we named "Nile Green". Its quality is like a heritage colour and is serene but still striking. Zak and I also created another colour we called "Egyptian Magician". This would be used on the ceiling and crown moulding as a base coat for the silver metallic faux finish. Together, Zak and I have created many colours for Your Sacred Space Interiors.

Next, Jane painted the room and did the silver metallic faux finish on the ceiling as I had designed. Together we finished the crown moulding and the medallion for the light fixture. The finish will tie in the silver mirror they love.

At Cornerstone, we found a perfect headboard. Who would have thought a huge gilded mirror with three arches would do the trick? Me! So did Jane and Lloyd. Two gorgeous black and gold lamps with crystal tear drops also made the journey home. Conerstones owner, Martin, made a special delivery on Mother's Day.

A trip to Kevin at Fabric, Fabric and a beautiful Nile Green silk embroidered Indian sari fabric is magically found. The pattern looks like gentle waves. The combination would give a shimmering water effect. Accent with amber gold and black pillows, amber gold bedskirt and drapery and The Nile comes to life.

Next I meet Lloy's Mom, Alwyn. She is both eager to help and a wonderful seamstress and doesn't mind the 50 pounds of fabric to lug home. She whips up the dream bed!

Jane and Lloyd initially wanted new furniture, but time constraints of their busy schedule had us transform the old instead. So we painted them Egyptian black and gold and added new cool handles. Not the original vision, but a quick fix when time runs out.

At Renaissant (thanks to Francis) we found a wonderful Egyptian Stone Plaque and elegant candle sconces. We painted the sconces black and added gold accents - very nice, decorative additions.

A lot of work done in a very short time. And the result is a new transformation. Many blessings, Jane and Lloyd. Enjoy the fruits of your hard labour, relax in the water of the Nile.