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The Gratitude Space

By Andrea Carini

Fall, 2004

"Your house is your larger body. It grows in the sun ans sleeps in the Stillness of the night; And it is not dreamless. " - The Prophet Kahlil Gibran

Your Home is a living entity. It is your true oasis in the middle of the desert. It is the well that flows and nourishes us, the weary travelers from our life journey. It is the place to rest. It is the place where we give gratitude for the positive and appreciate our blessings. Our home - a Gratitude Space.

What is your home environment like? Does it reflect your authentic self? The soul's interior - the mind of gratitude? With the world in such turmoil and th day-to-day challenges always there, don't we all return to our own space and say, "It's good to be home?"

We all need to come home to an environment that is a sacred space. Unrest, unfinished business, disorganized thoughts, blocked energy, imbalance, lack of gratitude are all reflected physically in an unloved, unappreciated environment. The home should always be the place to support our positive feelings.

As a young woman, I lived in New York City and studied with a colourful array of healers, metaphysicians and spiritual teachers. I remember one woman in particular - a healer with the most powerful hands that produced energy as hot as coals. While waiting for a teacher to arrive, she noticed I had neck pain and asked to heal me. It was the most intense heat I had ever experienced. Pain instantly melted away. I turned around to thank her and saw a very striking woman, very, very large - with a cane. I decided to study with her. Her apartment was cluttered with stuff - lots of stuff and everywhere. There was a small path to a couch where we could wrestle with more stuff for a piece of the cushion. Although she had a powerful gift, her body, her health and her environment reflected dis-ease.

Our homes are our "larger body" and must be treated with the same love and regard as our flesh bodies. This larger body protects and nurtures. It is a powerful visual affirmation that lovingly and positively reminds us of our true nature. It is a powerful energy field that can fill up our tired vessels. It heals. It transforms. It inspires. It helps us to "connect'. Fill it with Gratitude.

As a wholistic designer and intuitive, I have helped people to get in touch with their inner sacred space and manifest this precious data into an outer sacred space. Utilizing gratitude, positive intent, meditation techniques, chakra-balancing, colour energy prescriptions, energy clearing, physical objects as positive affirmations, inspired art, symbols, space harmony, and other techniques, we can achieve our goal and raise the energy frequency of our homes.

Be thankful for your space, however quaint, grande or in-between - rented or "temporarily" owned. Clean it with loving intent. Begin in a small way. Choose a small area or corner as your Gratitude Space. Place representational items for peace, perfect health, happiness, positive remembrances - the list is yours to create. Make it beautiful. Acknowledge that place each waking day. You feel happy just looking at it. This space is different from an altar or shrine. The eventual goal is to have your entire space be as beautiful and filled with light as your little corner. As Rumi said ,"Be generous to what nurtures the spirit" What better place than one's own home to count life's blessings.