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Designs on Energy

By Andrea Carini

Spring-Summer, 2003

Spring is a time to celebrate. Celebrate nature, colour, light, fertility, and flowers. Celebrate the end of winter and new beginnings. Spring rites and celebrations are a part of the history of many cultures. Celebrations raise the level of positive energy in the home.

Creating a Sacred Home employs a layering process of energy design. Following are some points to consider:


(1) Begin with colour and light, consider their energy. Colour is light. Light is energy. Colour is energy. Colour uplifts the spirit, raises our vibrational frequency, touches our emotions and affects our physical bodies. Colour is healing. Designing the home is a spiritual art and using colour to balance energy is the first important layer. The right colour energy prescription balances the body's energy centres or Chakras. The book Chakras for Beginners, by David Pond, is a recommended beginning for those to understand our energy centres.

(2) Another layer of spiritual design deals with the energy field radiating in and around a space. There are many schools of thought to guide us here. Feng Shui, which has become mainstream in the last few years, seeks to balance and create auspicious energy, by arranging and altering the existing physical environment. Vastu Vidya, sometimes referred to as an Indian Feng Shui, is a sacred science related to designing and building houses. Rooted in Vedic philosophy, emerging about 4500 years ago, it is believed to be the distant ancestor of Feng Shui. The Vastu Vidya Handbook, by Juliet Pegrum, is a good introduction, with its diagrams and beautiful photographs.

One of my favourite books is Sacred Space, by Denise Linn. It is about understanding the energy in your home and how it interacts with the energy of the universe. The sections on light and colour, house clearing, and mystic symbols are my particular favourites.

(3) The use of symbols, numbers and images helps to reflect one's inner self. They are positive emotional triggers in the home and they add an enriching layer with a life and spirit of their own. The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred Objects, by Barbara G. Walker, is a great reference book. Her explanations of the symbols of many cultures are excellent. She states that objects can help to make daily living a ceremony. Symbols can be incorporated into the design of the home. They can be beautifully combined into a mosaic border around a tub, a symbolic item placed on a dresser or an abstract representation in a piece of art. When there is an affinity to a symbol or object - pay attention, there may be dreams to return to. Take the time to reflect or meditate. Selecting and utilizing sacred objects is itself a delicate process, but with only positive returns.

(4) Art is inspiring. Every work of art carries a great combined energy of vision, intent and action. Choose art wisely or create your own. The creative process is a sacred one.

(5) Energy clearing works in harmony with physical house cleaning. When engaging in the annual ‘spring cleaning' try some suggestions from Denise Lim's book on house clearing. This combination will make for optimum energy flow in the home.

I always end a design process with a blessing, "May your home reflect the energy of a thousand springs."