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The Science of Color

There are many studies, articles, and books on color and its physical, emotional, and psychological effects on people.

The following illustrates that color has a purpose behind it. Accepting this as fact, we can apply color in our personal spaces and in our lives, in its most productive way to suit our needs and create the desired effects.

Color in Advertising: Color is used to stimulate the senses in packaging, magazines, billboard, internet and fast food restaurant designs as well as in TV commercials. The advertising industry spends tons of money to research the impact of color and their packaging designs on their consumers. The fashion industry also spends mucho dinero on color research and trends. Both industries use this information to create visual impact and emotional manipulation on us poor, unsuspecting, mere mortals!

Color in Entertainment & Art: Color used in production design for theatre, film and television creates the "mood" of the piece and evokes the emotional and psychological response from the audience. Artists use color to awaken a response whether it be physical, emotional or psychological.

Color in Education: Color is currently used quite specifically in teaching and learning. In 1965, Faber Birren, expert on the effects of color psychology and therapy, said colors influence learning. He advocated a judicious utilization of color in pedagogies for the primary and secondary grades. For example:
  • Blue is restful and sedate, supplying aloofness and clarity in educational material.

  • Red produces an excellent environment for the creation of ideas, but not for their execution.

  • Light blue, yellow, yellow-green, and orange promote an increase in IQ.

Look around you and see what a persuasive , compelling effect, color has on our everyday lives. Let the YSS color experts use color to your healthy advantage and create the effect you desire in your own space.