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"My high praise for Andrea's outstanding work could not possibly be expressed in a simple paragraph but rather a short story of my encounter with grief and disaster that with Andrea's help, turned my nightmare into a dream.

On the morning of August 2nd 2011 as I headed downstairs for breakfast, I noticed something unusual in my living room. As I got closer to the bottom of the stairs, I looked up in horror at my living room ceiling and walls to find water damage everywhere.

I was very fortunate that help arrived very shortly after I made the call to my plumber who found the source of my troubles. A disintegrated washer on my toilet shut off valve that created a leak which collected water in my ceiling overnight that spread to my living room below!

Not only did I quickly arrive to the conclusion that the pipes from my 90 year old home need to be replaced but better yet, a complete bathroom overhaul right down to the nails was necessary.

I didn't think twice about hiring Andrea with whom I've worked with on several home renovations as she's someone that I trust emphatically and has consistently proven to transform vision into reality.
Andrea from the start was both very engaging and collaborative from the design strategy stage to the final brush stroke in creating the look and feel of what we were hoping to achieve. In addition, she was very sensitive as well as highly responsive to my changing timelines.

In addition to being a great coach and mentor to me throughout the renovation process, she also worked effectively with my trades people along with her crew providing clear direction on structure, location, colour, paint and design with the utmost attention to detail.

By the project's end, Andrea had transformed a nightmare into a work of art that truly and without fail, exceeded my expectations.

All in all, I would highly recommend Andrea for any of your renovation needs no matter how big or small the project. I look forward to working with her in the upcoming year on new projects in my home!"

Mauro, Toronto

"Andrea Carini, not only do you have a great sense of style, but you're very resourceful, a talent which I am sure does not go unnoticed judging by your long list of very appreciative and diverse clients. All designers can spend someone's money, but the best ones know how to meet the needs of their clients by coming up with creative solutions suitable to different budgets, without compromising on quality. Somehow you pull it all together and make it work. Savvy Lady!"

Danica, Toronto

"We hired Andrea as our Interior Designer and Project Manager, bringing in all the trades, contractor, artisans, and engineer for our project. Andrea was more than a designer. She was Head Contractor/Coordinator/Project Manager and Interior Designer. With Andrea, we never had to worry, as she would get the job done properly. We couldn't think of a better person to hire for these types of projects, as Andrea is really great at what she does and most importantly, she enjoys the results of beautiful, personalized spaces, as much as her clients do. All she cares about in the end is to see her clients happy.We are very happy with our new home design and reno!"

Alex & Peter, Toronto

"Thanks for the INCREDIBLE passion and excellence you gave to my home......LOVE IT!"

Martin, Toronto

Thank you so much for your wonderful work at my farm. I look forward to praising your talents in print and (more importantly) living surrounded by such beautiful colours.

Leah McLaren, Toronto
(writer for FLARE Magazine and The Globe & Mail)

"Whether you believe in the chakra system or not, on some level, Carini's theory works. Certain colors make us feel ill, while others have the power to soothe. Finding your own sacred space, is a matter of looking inside to find what you need on the outside."

Leah McClaren in FLARE Magazine

"Andrea asked my son some very interesting questions. She had a whole way of finding out what he feels inside--getting to know what makes this child tick".

Judy, Toronto

Andrea is a supremely talented interior designer. She has a gift for seeing subtle colour variations, and always knows what will work. Her recommendations are sophisticated and she knows all about renovation, construction, furniture, fixtures, textiles, and art.

She can suggest a custom built coffee table made for you by an artist, and she can direct you to the perfect chair at IKEA---and make both work together in the same room.

Andrea is always willing to incorporate your existing beloved furnishings into the design plan and she did so for us. She wants your space to be meaningful and to represent who you are---where you've come from and where you're going. She is not a snob, and is happy to shop at high-end design stores as well as secondhand shops to help you find the perfect piece.

She is a dream to work with, because she listened to our wishes and our anxieties, and then worked side by side with us to transform them into beauty. Our rooms are balanced and personal. She wanted our living space to nurture us and reflect who we are, and it does.

Andrea was the sole designer for our home in Toronto. We worked together on and off for a few years, going room by room to transform tan walls and sterile furnishings to warm, funky, serene, coherent, rich surroundings in which to live, and love.

To walk into each room of our house is to sigh with serenity, pleasure, and balance. It is gratifying to feel that it is our design as well as Andrea's design—she allowed us to work with her every step of the way, listening to our ideas and improving on them. She is a wonder - truly excellent at her craft, and a warm and thoughtful person.

Andrea is not limited to interiors - she did our exterior colour design and recommended extra details in hardware, exterior décor, and plantings.

Our family recommends Andrea as an Interior Designer one hundred percent!

Hannah S., Toronto

"I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Andrea over the last three years who has helped me achieve my dreams of creating a home environment that has welcomed both family and friends with warmth and beauty. She's a real professional and truly an artist in everything she does with a unique eye for colour. What I appreciate about Andrea, in addition to her many creative talents, is her ability to listen and understand her client's needs that always makes you feel involved and a valued partner in the design strategy process. Along the way, Andrea provides excellent insights into the world of colour, design, fabrics, furniture, etc that makes every meeting and conversation always very educational. Her staff are also true professionals that are just as committed to quality as Andrea which is a reflection of the pride demonstrated in their respective crafts. I have partnered with Andrea on many projects both inside my home along with the exterior which always catches the attention of neighbours and passers by. Another area of Andrea's strength is gardening design where's she's demonstrated excellent creativity. I will continue to use Andrea on future home projects and strongly recommend her to transform your vision of beauty into reality!"

Mauro, Toronto

We can't thank you enough for your kindness, and professionalism in helping us to choose a beautiful colour design for our home exterior. It's splendid! All the neighbours love it too!

M., Mississauga

"Andrea helped me renovate my condo. She really made sure she connected with me in order to achieve my objectives of creating a warm, inviting, rejuvenating space. I still love all the work she did!"

Trish, Toronto

"Andrea is a supremely talented interior designer. She has a gift for seeing subtle colour variations and always knows what will work. Her recommendations are sophisticated and she knows all about renovation, construction, furniture, fixtures ,textiles, and art. She was a real pleasure to work with, because she listened to our wishes and our anxieties, and then worked side by side with us to transform them into perfect living spaces. We have hired her several times and will do so again."

Brian, Toronto

"My room looks beautiful, but it FEELS even more beautiful! My family loves to hang out in my new bedroom. Time for them to get their own sacred spaces."

Sandra, Toronto

"Andrea has a GREAT EYE for design and creating livable, imaginative spaces!"

Mary, NYC

"I love the colors in my office. It feels right. Even my clients feel the positive energy."

D., Toronto

"Spectacular Andrea! Love your work"

Maya, Toronto

"Andrea made me look inside myself to find out what I wanted in my space. Now, I look around my room and it makes me smile inside and out!"

T., Toronto

I love the colour you have brought into my life. I am immersed, sublimely surrounded in rich sensual sensation. I was pleased to know you were a professional artist with an extensive background in design.

To have you manage the process greatly eased my concerns of self-inflicted "décor disaster."One room leads graciously into the other, while the ivory, khaki, and pale maple furnishings pull together beautifully.

Thank you for helping me discover a sacred space I never could have imagined on my own.

Irene, Toronto

Andrea is the Design Goddess, a brilliant interior designer and decorator, funny lady, a joy to work with and if I were a guy I'd marry her!!! I love my new bedroom and all the great energy!! Thanks Andrea and your team too!!

N., Toronto

Thanks so much for your article in OMEGA SOURCE (issue 13) I was delighted to read about your ideas on color. I am especially interested in the color energy prescriptions. Very intriguing.

A friend was visiting from Toronto and brought the magazine to me.

I am clipping a couple of paragraphs from your article for my journal. I like to keep things that are inspiring, uplifting - reminding.

I'll definitely look forward to reading your future articles and book.
Thanks for your positive energy!

Michelle, Gainesville, Missouri

It was a pleasure meeting you and taking your Design Seminar.

Thank you for the valuable and inspiring knowledge you shared with us. You obviously have rich and wonderful experience in many different areas.

I admit since the seminar, your explanation and theory of PVA's and Colors have been on my mind.

I am all excited about our next decorating project!

Eveline and Franco, Australia

I read your article highlighting your work while bringing my daughter for her checkup. I think your business strategy is brilliant!

Would love your input on our home office.

Congratulations on your endeavor with continued success in the years ahead!

Cheryl, Vancouver

I read your article in fall/winter '04 edition of OMEGA SOURCE. Very interesting! I would be interested in taking a workshop with you.

And if you ever write a book, I'm sure it would be welcomed by many! Not just me...

Janet, Toronto

I read your OMEGA SOURCE article. It was a wonderful article!

I really look forward to your whole book.

Shiela, Toronto

I was in Vancouver recently and picked up a copy of FLARE Magazine. I am very interested in what you can do with color in the home.

Joia, Santa Monica, California